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This site offers information for effective ancient healing techniques and practices.

How are you feeling these days? A little tired, off balance, drained by modern day demands?

Before modern doctors and mega-schmega corporate medicine giants cornered the 'disease market' people relied on the village medicine man to heal them of their ills. The medicine man appears in every ancient culture from the Siberian Steppe to the Amazon rain forest, through out Africa, Aboriginal Australia and among all Native American tribes of North America. Even among the Inuit of the Arctic circle, in their tongue called the Angakok.
The medicine man or woman, is less concerned with the surface symptoms of the sickness than with the root of the dis ease experienced by the patient. His or her approach is a holistic one, where the whole body as well as the spiritual aspects, the surroundings the history and the people who are peers to the patient, are taken into account.

This site introduces and offers ancient healing practices in the form of services for those who wish to explore the healing powers of Shamanism.

Blessings and curses

We may acknowledge blessing a little more than we do curses in today's times, in that we regularly wish others well, literally bestow blessings by saying- Bless you, or saying  affirmations or prayers for yourself or another. We still believe our mental and heart felt desire carry some amount of energy. The mind however, does not distinguish between positive or negative feedback or input. Curses are as powerful as blessings today and we are often our own worst enemies because of the things a tell ourselves. Swearing is called cursing and each utterance sends dark energy into the universe each time and into your own being. Even thoughts are real forces, but once they pass the lips in the form of word, they exists outside of ourselves not just deep within.
So, the next time you feel the urge to flip someone the bird in traffic, or react on an emotion, remember these words.
Every utterance and every though has power.
The more aware one is of one's subconscious thought, the more effective one can be in directing the intent and predicting one's outcome. The formula for creation, is thought, word and deed. As you think it and as you speak it, so shall it be done unto you. Everything you have ever thought, said and done has manifested in an outcome of some sort, to some degree. The idea is to begin becoming aware of your thoughts and focusing them on what it is you want, not on what you do not want.


We live in a world of give it to me now and give it to me quick, but spirit does not live in the same world. Spirit is soft, far softer than the two dimensional world we live in today.
There is no hurry up, I have a deadline, no legal repercussions or compliance, no black and white. There is only listening and acting.
However subtle, life is cyclical and seasonal and constantly changing. A moving ocean between your shores. You are the director and creator of your next experience. Your thoughts it could be said, are your 'coming attractions' As gradual as the changing seasons are, they are very definite. They can for example be observed by watching the leaves on a tree change over several days whereas over a few hours not much seems to be going on. So too can you take command of your thoughts and steer your life where you want to take it. Gradually but definitely.

Ancient Heart

In the same way that we do not consciously choose our family, life path or our children, the shaman (that's Tungus for medicine man ) does not consciously choose his vocation.
He is either born that way or through some epiphany or illness receives the calling.
It becomes his life path to heal those whom he comes into contact with regardless of remuneration.

Sacred healing

Finding the spirit that causes dis ease is the shamans gift. It is a gift that involves becoming ill. Taking on the patients pain and walking the path to healing together. Sometimes the medicine comes in the form of a vision, a message or a set of tasks the patient must perform. Sometimes the medicine requires the shaman to take the patient into the spirit world and journey along with them to meet spirit guides, ancestors or even gods. To speak to decreased kin and receive closure, or receive confirmation for a restless heart.


Teaching the mind to heal its vehicle is essential in the healing process. Placebo is a more common and accepted form of affirmative healing today.
Just as a capsule filled with sherbert can heal a patient who thinks they have consumed a powerful remedy because the mind is convinced it is on the path to well being, so the shaman can administer healing to the mind by auto suggestion. Theoretically this is a healthier form of healing as (A)the patient is empowered to heal themselves covertly and (B)  no danger of latent side effects can be produced due to drugs and chemical ingestion.

Personal attention

Ultimately any time spent with the healer is beneficial as by default the patient and the healer are focusing more consciously on healing. The healers powerful concentrated thoughts and beliefs are unwavering in their determination and understanding of how the body is able heal itself and to regenerate new cells and new tissue. His/her experience with previous results and the work done in their own lives leaves no room for doubt. The shaman actively visualizes the process, diminishing him or her self to dwell among the illness or affected body part, to speak to it, to sing to it, to drum to it, until it begins to vibrating to the rhythm of healing. To spend several hours listening, pampering and offering auto suggestive visualisation to the patient is therapeutic and our natural desire to be taken care of is in itself fulfilled.

Massage, meditation, yoga, vision quests and numerous other modalities from our ancestors are still powerful forms of healing. More powerful in fact than drugs in that they allow the practitioner to take back their 'mental joy-stick' and take charge of their lives in full awareness, in the present moment.

I invite you to invest in yourself and explore how these methods can offer lasting health, longevity and psychological peace within. Tap into the ancient ancestoral heart that resonates in your DNA, and find sacred healing.



  • Yoga for life

    Yoga means union
    Connect with God and self
    Physical asana and
    psycho/spiritual growth
    Any age and fitness level
    one on one, couples or groups.

    physical work for mental agility

  • Weddings

    Alternative marriage officer
    Registered with home affairs
    Design your own wedding
    Andrew has a wealth of knowledge on wedding custom from many cultures.
    Pre wedding consultation and planning
    Ceremony and

    Practical marital advice

  • Massage

    Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian
    India head massage
    Hand and foot massage

    Your body stores experience and emotion, let it go and feel released.

  • Shamanic sessions

    Personal spiritual work, contemplating illusion and dealing with psycho/spiritual issues. Discover the landscape of the mind and soul. Experience basic animistic rituals and traditional storytelling, drumming, trans/journey work.

  • Rites of passage

    Sincere devotional ceremonies to honour and excite your loved ones.
    Create beautiful memories by turning any important event in someone specials life into an unforgettable occasion.
    Water naming ceremonies.
    Coming of age/ teens.
    New home blessing.
    Vow renewal.
    Relationship revival.
    (After a long time fued)

  • Vision quest Spirit quests

    Personal spiritual journey into nature alone.
    The shaman will take you to a sacred place where you will fast and pray for two to three days alone without food. Water only. You will be watched for safety reasons but no communication.

    Spirit quests (3-10 people)
    Two -three days on horse back or on foot. No food sleep outside, no 'stuff' just you alone with yourself.

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