European history is the history of us

The world tree

Nine worlds make up the Germanic shamans world

The Nierike

The portal through which the shaman journeys


Inter dimensional, inter galactic, esoterical


Humanima, man morphs to beast, powerful symbology of Animism

Animal helpers

Primal and intrinsic Forever, man has used animal parts, cklaws, teeth and skulls to don and infuse the powers of nature, which is yours and what do they mean?

Shamanism and shamanic living in modern times

Shamanism is the oldest known form of spirituality we as a human family know of and probably emerged during the stone age or before, when man first realised his spiritual aspirations and his obligation to bury the dead of his clan or family when 'the life' had left them.

Shamans occour the world over among all religions and persuations, from the Amerindian medicine men the the Shamanka's of Russia and the Siberian steppe, Aboriginal, Polynesian and African Bushman, Nguni and Bantu culture. In the tribal hunter gatherer society the shaman is a leader, a healer, a judge and a governor. For Caucasians our tribal roots are far more obscure, relevent but obscure none the less.

Our ancestors of European origin are today called British or French or German or Italian, but they were, not so long ago, Angles and Normans, Saxons and Goths, Vandals and Visi-Goths. Their spiritual governors were shamans, scourcerers and druids. Far from the barbaric murderous horde portrayed by the Romans, with a rich tapestry of culture, language, art and spirituality. They carried the lore on their tongues and passed it from generation to generation, from the Eddas to modern day fantasy video games and movies (Thor, Brave heart, RobRoy, A Knight's Tale, Brave, How to train your dragon) Paganism, Animism, Therianthropy and magic are an intrinsic part of our psyche. Even a thousand years of Christian domination and brutal suppression, crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts and trials and all means if vilification which continue on today, cannot silence our deep driving passion for the sacred and profane of our glory days, as warriors and farmers and magicians. Our deep connection with the elements which govern nature and her cycles, our bardic poets and songs of legend live on. Hail Cernunnos!

 For the modern world, shamanism removes the need for a priest as intermediary in one's personal spirituality. The 'shaman's task' is to travel to the otherworld and bring back medicine* for himself, the patient or the community. Also to teach the patient, neophyte and practitioner how to attain this realm alone.

Medicine: Traditional medicine does not refer to drugs. Not chemicals which are expensive and temporary, but rather a teaching, a shocking realisation, a paradigm shift and a permenant healing. The word- 's'ram' from the Tungus language, means to heat oneself and practice austerity. This refers to the shaman's unique method of raising the energy to a trans state, today called the beta state, where the mind can be manipulated, healed, instructed- through neuro linguistic programming and a pure desire to be well or heal, and the understanding that the body CAN heal itself, intrinsically. Where true faith in ones own- god-like nature as a creator is exercised and one lives in the present, devoid of illusions- including death. When life becomes cyclical for you and spirit,( life-force, chi, ki, prana, mana, etc) exists in all things you observe, there is no death. All life is reverend, sacred and supported and each day is a giving of thanks and a new beginning.

Shamanic session

The first session with a shaman is usually a mild introduction.

A chat, a smudge (sage or mpepu, fanned over ones aura for cleansing and blessing) and a suggested prognosis.)

Possibly a reading and many questions, both verbal and intuitive

A second session may include

A)Sweat lodge (a crude sauna outdoors at night with a shaman present, with hours of smoking* and praying*)

B) A journey (Where the shaman prepares the candidate for a meditation and accompanies them into the spirit world for a particular purpose. Trans can be achieved through fasting, drumming, chanting, exhaustion and isolation) Yes this is a warrior culture tradition. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

C) A Vision quest Where the candidate will be taken into the wilderness for one - three nights alone, without food to 'speak to God', the gods, your guardians, power animals and totems' and recieve medicine**.

 Praying is always only saying thank you, never asking. For to ask is to acknowledge that you do not already have.

Further studies in shamanism could continie indefinitly.

*Chinnappa-smoke the peace pipe. (Contains Sage,Sweetgrass, tobacco and Cedar) -traditional Native American gathering ritual. Perfectly legal.

**Medicine - healing

More infomation

Pagan festivals around the world


Pagan festivals around the world

Beltane- England

Pagan festivals around the world

Pagan festivals around the world

Carnival-Rio de Janiero Carne(Flesh) Val (Feast0

Pagan festivals around the world

Beltane- England

The Voluspa

The Eddas

Try your own journey

Create a sacred space.

Find a quiet place to lie down, undisturbed for an hour.

Use smudge sticks to cleanse yourself and the area.

Use a blanket to wrap yourself in, arms and legs alongside. (ie; lay on your back, spread the blanket lengthwise over yourself. Roll to the right so that the blanket gets in under you, and then roll left and get the other end under yourseld, not too tight, but snug.)

Lie there for a moment and begin to focus on your breathing. Start to work on a rhythmic flow of three counts (seconds) between changes. Breath in (3), hold it (3), exhale(3), hold it out(3) and again. 

Eyes closed. Concentrate on anything that comes into you mind and ask, whatt can I do with this thought? can I file it for later, ignore it or dwell on it? Try to eliminate any pressing worries, fears and deadlines by mentally filing them for later. Think of a bowl of water the water is motionless, still. That is your mind. still breathing to a count of three.

Expand this visual of a bowl of water to a lake of water, a still pond or a familiar place by the water that brings back good memories. Maintain this for 5 min in silence.

Now begin the video below. Let someone switch it on for you so as not to disturb you.

Remain in the sleep position. As the music begins, visualise yourself standing at the thresh hold where the land you are standing on meets the water youare thinking about.

When you are ready, begin to walk into the water in your minds eye.

When you submerge your breathing fascilities continue to breath and bring your whole being below the surface. Take a moment to aclimatize. You can breath, You can walk along the bottom. become used to it. The gravity and the slow motion.

Walk on

Begin to become aware of your surroundings, there are others present.

Who are they?

Should you imagine what one might look like, do not fear it, instead ask it, Are you my totem?

What can you share? Which way will you guide me?

After some time, you will be ready to visualize people who have passed that you want closure with, or who may want to give you a message for yourself or another.

Listen to them, fear none.

Spend as much time as you would like in this otherworld, the more you practice this exercise the more you will experience.

It may seem all in the mind, but what we forget is that the subconscious mind picks up and stores far more than we are aware of, daily. this exercise allows us to file and recall things we may not have consciously noticed.

Try it, it's fascinating./

Shamanic Journeying