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Dear friend and fellow traveler
Thank you for taking the time to visit AncientHeartSacredHealing .com
May we ask that you leave us an impression of your experiences and observations-Thank you.
Namaste` (the divine in me honours the divine in you)

Website 13. Mar, 2017

Ina Core

I discovered many new things from your website. Thank you for this!

24. Jan, 2017

Tanja & Liana


Thank you for making our special day even more special by personalizing our ceremony! Our guests were in awe by your message and we loved the personal touch you added during our vows. Thank you for your sincere interest in our commitment and you hold a special
place in our hearts!!!

In addition, we thank you for going the extra mile and assisting us when we needed you! Haven't come across many people like you!!

All our love

Tanja & Liana

Ps. We will recommend you to ALL!!!

31. Aug, 2016

Martin Botha Badenhorst

Andrew i just want to say thank you for the amazing wedding service you delivered for Morne' and I. So meaningful and powerful. Our family and friends all raved about it after.

You set such a calm and happy vibe for the rest of the wedding. We had the most amazing evening built on the foundation you laid.

We look forward to this new journey in this life and are so grateful to you for setting the start line. May you continue to spread the love and good energy you radiate. We huge fans of you!!!

2. Mar, 2016

Holly & Vanessa

Holly & I would like to thank you for a beautiful, captivating ceremony! You were such a calm, grounding presence - everybody there enjoyed your message. (and you give the Best hugs!!!) What a happy wedding day ... and what a GOOD soul to join us and set
us on our new adventure together! Every thing was just right - heartfelt appreciation from us both!

Website 17. Nov, 2015


Andrew I am so grateful for the most amazing ceremony you presented at my wedding. I was blown away! From the day you set foot in our house I just knew everything was going to be perfect. You are such an interesting person with so much knowledge of life
and you see the world exactly as it is. I just love the way you explain every detail and the passion in your eyes when you do what you do. I love the fact when you left my house you left so much behind for me to think about and a heart filled with hope and

The most heartfelt moment for me was when you said a few words for my mother who is no longer on this earth, you made me feel like she was with me at that very moment and I will think about it everyday. You really are a gift from above to heal those who need
healing. Never stop what you are going!

7. Dec, 2014


Along with 20 or 30 other new recruits I instantaneously knew there was something different to this guy giving us the training and inducting us into this company. That was nearly 15 years ago, and I'm still part of the organisation. Over the years I've
had some of the most memorable and inspiring experiences with Andrew, from the brass balls that he bestowed on my coming of age to the pain of experiencing 3 day's on a horse with only nuts and biltong as nourishment, this being my first time on a horse! I
have so many wonderful memories with this dear friend and spiritual teacher that I have definitely been enriched, empowered and of course entertained. Thanks Andrew!

11. Nov, 2014


I saw Andrew for the first time at a Beltaine festival, In his tent. That was an awesome experience for me. Since then on facebook.

Awesome new website Andrew.


Website 24. Oct, 2014


I connected Andrew on Facebook many years ago and have always been in awe of his connection to Spirit and Nature. We share a deep appreciation and connection to the ancient Celts and I have had the fortune of attending a talk by Andrew on Celtic Shamanism.

Love the website Andrew, and wishing you all the best!

16. Oct, 2014

Brenton Kleynhans

We were lucky enough to be the first couple that Andrew married. Nevermind being gay, he treated us as "normal", lol I've also had the pleasure of knowing him for a few years and I have never met a more positive or wise man like him. I salute you oh great

15. Oct, 2014

Brenda Holtzkampf

Not only is Andrew is a born "teacher", but a leader as well. He's one of the few people I've met that delights in other people achieving and growing in life. He always has time and advice for people. Thank you

Andrew, for helping me heal my life.....

15. Oct, 2014

Alison Brain

Wow Andrew! This is awesome...on every level. Kudos to you for walking your talk...and facilitating a platform where those who are awakening, can re-member, can heal themselves and in so doing, heal our home. Wishing you Blessings and Love. Namaste

15. Oct, 2014

Nicholas Els

Andrew Huisamen is an truly amazing person! He has a wealth of knowledge regarding Ancient Cultures and practices. He is a very passionate, spiritual and open minded person. He also respects the sanctity of marriage hugely. We've had some fantastic Shamanistic
weekend get away's in the past and I look forward to some more in the future.May he be blessed!