Meditation- What's the point.

Have you ever tossed a stone into a still lake and seen the ripples travel all the way to the banks?

Have you ever tried this on a choppy windy lake?

A still mind is a canvas for achieving one's goals.

A crowded scattered mind is not.

Types of meditation offered


Guided meditation is a finite meditation where the fascilitator speaks the students through a scenario helping them visualise and thereby attain a spiritual platform.

This is a good starter practice


Zen is emptiness, a means of clearing the canvass, emptying the clutter and freeing ourselves of the trappings and illusions of life. It is a beginning point.


Goal orientated meditation is a process of meditating on achieving a specific goal or set of goals. From loosing weight to kicking the habit to creating that perfect furture, this form of meditation is primary in achieving anything with purpose.


One on one

Private tutoring


Marreid couples/brothers and sisters/parents and children

Become like minded


weekly groups will soon be advertised here.

The moral of the story

One day two monks walked by a river.

The younger turned to his mage and asked, 

"When will I achieve the enlightenment you have?'

"When you want it, it will appear" said his wise accomplace

But I do want it, insisted the neophyte.

No, when you really want it, insisted the guru.

Oh but I do, I do.

Let me demonstrate, said the older monk.

Remove your garment and follow me into the river.

Both men stripped and entered the river until they were chest deep.

Now go below the surface, the older monk instructed.

The younger monk obeyed, took a deep breath and submerged himself.

The older monk proceeded to leg lock the novice under the water.

For a while the younger thought he had got the point the older monk was attempting to make.

He tapped the monks leg to indicate he wished to be released.

But instead of releasing the older monk only fastened his grip and found more stability.

The younger monk smiled within himself imagining that now he got the point and remained calm expecting his imminent release.

After a few more minutes his breath became stale and he was in definite need of more.

He banged more convincingly against his guru's leg, again the guru tightened his grip even further. Becoming quiet desperate the younger monk began to fight to free himself but the more he struggled the tighter the older man's grip became.

Eventually, he clawed and scratched and thought of biting his way free, finally the older monk released him and he burst from the surface gasping for his life.

 The older monk simply looked at him and said,

That's how much you have to want it.