give unto your daughter the family record book

for safekeeping all your legacies and recipes

water initiation/ naming ceremony

community affair thrilling theatre

strong female bonds

Rites of passage for a modern age

Water initiation

Also called a naming ceremong or Christining

Design your own ceremony for your child.

The shaman will assist you in turning your ideas into a ceremony.

 Teens/Comming of Age

Design a ceremony to give your teen confidence and a sense of acknowledgement at an important time in their life. From simple to elaborate, minor or major events, as you want it. They say children spell the word love- T.I.M.E , so taking some time out to create and execure a ceremony in their honour is always appreciated and a memory that lasts forever.


After a traumatic experience or relationship, sometimes a clearing of your space or personal energy field can do wonders for your aura and state of mind.

Clear bad memories, bad energy and or heal a broken relationship with a family member, collegue or neighbor that isn't serving you or draining your energy. This is my speaciality I will show you how to easily and effectivly repair relationship without further exposing yourself to manipulation, or psychic vampires who feed on guilt and good charity.


If you are not keen to approach a church to take care of your last rites, allow me to conduct an intimate private farewell ceremony. 

Other options

Pyres-Viking style canoo and effigy burning on a lake.

The cremated remains are sprinkled or encased into an effigy of the person wering their clothes and the canoo is filled with photos and momentos of the person departing. A very moving and primal release. A burning arrow is fired into the straw effigy adrift in the canoo on the lake.

Boat graves

Building a memorial from stone. see pic


boat shaped graves



funeral pyre

commit not thy bones to the earth to rot burn them and offer them with fire hot

from matter to ether