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lynx, leopard and hippo roam these same lands tonite

into the wild

chinnappa ceremony

this stone wall was built more than 5000 years ago

the ancestors of the Khoisan used them to initiate their teens to adulthood


The call to spiritual consciousness often calls the neophyte to the wilderness.There in the world inhabited only by the wind and the wolf and the mighty forces of the great mother and spirits he confronts himself. 

There are seven directions in which we can travel upon our journey through life. Up, down, left, right, forward, backward and within. Tis the later most rather avoid.

It is here in the lonely places that the sacred mysteries which infuse all, yet are visible to none can find their way to the human mind.

Sweat lodge

Vision seekers


Inner child-higher being

into the unknown

For the seer, the visionary, the shaman and the seeker, nature's wilderness is the locus for the elicitation of the individuals inner wilderness, 'the great plain of the spirit', and it is there that the inner voice can awaken into song.

All true wisdom is to be learned far from the dwellings of men

First morning in the bush

Drumming up the sun

Spirit rider

deep journey work


The shamanic vision, which can be achieved by raising the energy through trans, drumming, exhaustion, starvation, plant medicine (ayahuascaiboga)* ultimatly embraces the experience of death (of self) metaphorical dismemberment, reconstruction, ressurection and rebirth. Variations of the fundemental theme are found in all mythological traditions and an encounter with death into rebirth are imutable  dimensions of the most personal religious experience.

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Medicine tribe

A good journey begins with the end in mind



spiritual theatre

air earth and water

closing ceremony

long hot road

this is good for our relations

the good red road