Shamanism is the oldest form of spirtuality known to man. Since the Stone Age humans have built monuments to their dead and their gods in an attempt to connect the unseen world of the exoteric with their quest for the longevity of the body and if not, then the soul, at least. From there many questions arose, Why are we here, who are we, what are those lights in the sky by day and by night, why does the earth seem to die and then come alive again in this strange cyclical fashion. Will we survive the long dark winter?

The shaman's were the select human being who emersed themselves in antiquity and superstition to provided the anecedote in their stories and legends. It is easy to see how religion developed from there. This radient savior that rizes each day and promises us life anew, was eventually personified in a host of versions, from Baldur to Dionysis to Jesus,  Religion quickly became the Church controlled State of the Dark and Middle Ages. Today religion can be classified as the prescribed general practices of people of a particular spiritual persuation, whereas spirituality is unique to each individual. Shamanism taverses all religious platforms and the shaman is a fascilitator and a host. A healer and a medicine bringer.