I have always been, what I like to think of as a pursuer of life's truths and great mysteries. As a result I have spent much of my leisure time delving into the root of many belief systems and the origins of numerous cultures, both ancient and modern.
A bit of a rebel to general conformity, I have also struggled against the system believing there has to be another way. A better way to live for us all, often suffering the jeers and jibes of my more assimilated brothers and sisters who remind me that 'this is life china, face it.'

Imagine my surprise when I discovered an entire movement of like minded individuals who not only feel the same but have a strategy to fast track these ideals, into society and our communities.
After five years of reading, studying and researching  their, champion, modus operandi, manifesto, philosophy and ultimately the whole point of this seemingly bizarre and paradigm shifting culture, I am inspired enough to believe that it actually might just work. As a political organization it emerges from the correct platform to affect these changes in real terms right from the start.

What is Ubuntu?
UBUNTU is an African word/concept which imbues the essence of humanitarian kindness.

The UBUNTU Party is a political party registered with the I.E.C as a platform from which the party intends to legitimately introduce and launch;
The UBUNTU Movement and
UBUNTU Contributionism
Already established it South Africa, Canada, The United Kingdom and Australia, the UBUNTU party is fast catching on with a broad sector of society, enlightened to global issues who are adverse to conformity for the sake of population control and the progressively restrictive boundaries constantly encroaching on our civil liberties through means of compliance, political correctness and the never ending economic crisis we have been duped with since the mid 2000's. Not to mention, people generally fed up with the relentless rat race, the debt trap and the worsening social problems decaying our society daily.

The UBUNTU Party is less interested in the politics of politics than it is in the radical transformation within communities.

A few fundamental facts

The country belongs to the people not the government.
Politicians squander vast amounts of tax payers (our) money without permission or accountability.

Governments are no longer democratic in essence but controlled, manipulated and bribed by big business.

The people's needs are not met.

Energy and food are essentially free as they come out of water and sunlight from nature.

Big business has hijacked our essential markets and brainwashed us to dance to their tune.

The Banking Elite intend to keep us in perpetual debt for only their benefit. 

We have the power to take it back.

The Ubuntu movement is growing day by day..

Radical change requires radical action.


Neither money nor politicians ever actually get anything done. People get things done.
People, who have a collective desire to live their lives happily and peacefully.
People- period, want to be fairly rewarded for a good days work. They yearn to finish their day's work as quickly as possible so that they may go off and pursue their sports, hobbies, passions and dreams. Some just dream about escaping the work they are forced to mind to earn that elusive money.They want to spend time with the ones they love, having a life, not a living.

We are not here to criticize and vilify other parties. We are not here to make a noise and make fools of ourselves. We are not here to make false promises in order to garnish votes.

We are not even that interested in politics 


It is by virtue of this erosion of our lifestyles, our enslavement to debt, working the best part of our lives away, and the dis-ease born thereof in modern times, that the UBUNTU party has evolved.

 Not only conceptualized over many years, with the hindsight of our current economic, environmental*, technological* and medical knowledge*, and their obstacles and issues (*including all other facets of our daily existence) , not to mention the ever ticking time bomb that is the sustainability of our planet, the UBUNTU party flies in the face of all these structures due to their dependence on money.


With a scientific concept based on ancient knowledge, hidden from the masses and denied by the yes men of the establishment, the UBUNTU party presents a paradigm shifting but plausible alternative for all. 

 Through an understanding of Quantum Alchemy, historical evidence (only recently discovered), the oldest written records, (recently translated ) and allot more practical information that will no doubt convince you that what the UBUNTU party has to offer is a darn sigh more attractive than a future farting against the wind. 

 Excuse the idiom. but really, if we do not envision massive change we are fast heading toward our demise as a species.

 5 Fundamental agreements
The history we have been taught is far from the truth.
The people that rule us do not have our best interests at heart.
We have been conditioned to believe that money is the only system of trade.
There are alternatives we have never explored.
People make the difference, not money or political parties.

The UBUNTU Party is a global platform that presents a collective mindset for a community dedicated to change by;
Creating free energy, free food and all essential living items and services for a community that contributes to projects that provide the aforesaid, but with no monetary value.

 Initiating a set of guidelines for a new generation. 

  Imagine a truly free community that 'work' a few hours a day at the things they love to do and helps out with a few community projects too. An abundance mentality free of placing a value on every commodity.
Breeding communities that have free electricity, free food, free houses, free everything, and a life.
A community that only does what it wants when it wants and is joyous doing it.
A community where the whole is exponentially more powerful than any individual, any amount of money or the state.
A community that thrives on abundance beyond anything we have previously known.

The UBUNTU Party believes the government works for the people not the other way around.
The government has hijacked this country and its resources from the people.
The people ultimately call the shots and UBUNTU people know how to take it back.

 Plan of action

Win one ailing municipality (Currently Waterval Boven, Machadadorp and Lydenburg are being used as pilot projects. High unemployment and lack of services has yielded a willing work force and many hands.)
Institute an UBUNTU mayor and council of Elders.

Place a turbine in the river and give free electricity to anyone who contributes 3 hour free labor to community projects a week.
Start a community garden. Identify food production system and free electricity for all residents.

 Import master craftsmen and specialists to lead and educate others on community projects including a bakery, a tannery, medical facilities, scientific research centers, water and sanitation solutions, electric vehicle assembly plants, computer centers, etc.
Get the community involved, for three hours a week each to their chosen skills.
During the transition phase people will work at their job and their community project, but gradually jobs will be phased out and people will work a few hours a day on a project or three of their choice.
For this they will be given a house, enough food and clothing and all necessary requirements to live very comfortably. Children will not attend school (as brain washing them to confirm will no longer be allowed) Instead they will be involved in projects that match their skills and interests. They will also receive general education from the community from masters in varying fields. The movie making community project, for example will make educational video lessons on par with the concepts shared on, say, TED TALKS. Progressive forward thinking ideas free from the old school tapes and propaganda which inevitably finds its way into a centralized school system..

3 hours free labor in a community of 10 000 is 30 000 free hours labor. 20 000 is 60 000.

  Per month that is 258000 free man hours of labour.

Ask any factory owner what that would be worth to him.
All excess produce and services will be sold at a fraction of market value ultimately putting the corporate retail system in jeopardy.
Since UBUNTU is an all inclusive system even the big company will be offered a place in the system of UBUNTU. The owner will turn his business into a community project where he will no longer pay for stock rent or wages. He will get 1/3 of the profits from his production, 1/3 will go to funding the project and 1/3 to further community development.


Once one municipality begins to yield real results news will spread to the surrounding towns where Ubuntu will already be a familiar idea.
Like dust we will slip in underneath the current structures who think they control us. Like a thick mist we will engulf the country and then the world and before they know it, that is how things will be. An Ubuntu community places no monetary value on goods and services.


People will get involved in projects that appeal to them and there is a place for every one.

For more on the Ubuntu party, Ubuntu liberation movement and Contributionism, visit 




I urge you to consider this very real opportunity to break a cycle of  dependency on debt, dependence on  income, and a life of  financial slavery at the hands of  a small group of banking families and the  plethora of political parties who are pawns Oppisames not opposites, all bowing to the system and its masters.. Sure, it is a daunting idea. At least read about it, before you throw the baby out with the bathwater. Become aware so that when you too have finally had enough you understand your alternatives...

We can break this cycle and live in abundant communities where we have most part of our days to ourselves to  pursue a real life. 

                                                         Watch Michael Tellinger Contributionism workshop

                                          Watch Ethos presented by Woody Harrelson

                                          (A world waking up to the great deception)

A New Way Of Abundance Ahead – NOW!

Every socio-political system we have ever had as the human race has failed us dramatically. South Africa, like the rest of the world, is now sitting on the verge of complete and devastating financial meltdown with catastrophic results for its people.

If we do not begin to explore a brand new way ahead for our country and humanity we will surely destroy ourselves. Because “an organism at war with itself is doomed.” Carl Sagan
South Africa is one of the wealthiest countries of the world and every person should live a life of bliss with everything they wish for. And yet we have more poverty, more homelessness, more hunger, more crime, more disease, more despair, more anarchy and unhappiness, than ever before in our history.

The South African economy and natural recourses have been plundered by greedy international corporations, supported by reckless and ignorant politicians, with no remorse or any real accountability to its citizens. Our economy has been hijacked by international bankers who have been granted complete freedom to financially cripple every South African citizen. The government has clearly shown that it has no respect for its people and has turned the people into its slaves.

This situation cannot continue and we need to find lasting and real solution rather than the constant empty promises of a small number of so-called leaders who show absolutely no capacity nor intention to come to the assistance of its people.

We are in a time of great change and it is up to us to make the changes that we, the people, want for ourselves. They say that history has taught us nothing. Well - this is the time when we finally have to learn from history and choose a completely new course that will liberate the people from the never-ending economic and financial slavery we are all trapped in.
We are the 99 percent, and it is up to us to stop being the victims and constantly ask for handouts from the government, who is our servants, and rather choose a new way of unity and abundance for ourselves. 

This document presents the very basic foundation of a new social structure to take us into a new era of real freedom from financial tyranny, real prosperity and real control of our own destiny as the people of South Africa. No more feelings of despair and helplessness.
To achieve this will require a complete change of thinking and a paradigm shift by the ordinary citizens of the land.  It will require taking back the power from the politicians and the governments they have created, with their complex legal systems, to protect their own interests and the agendas of the large multinational corporations that support them.

The UBUNTU PARTY is the result of six years of research and planning by numerous participants who can no longer tolerate the absolute abuse of the good, honest citizens of South Africa and the raping of our land by a group of political elite who have unlawfully assumed ownership of it all.Our philosophy is based on the principles of absolute equality, abundance for all and Unity Consciousness. 

Imagine living in a world where everything imaginable is obtained, designed, measured, planned, manufactured, implemented, built, planted, cooked, sculpted, painted or provided by the people, for the people. This is the world of UBUNTU Contributionism – No hurdles to progress.
“Africa was once GREAT – let us make her GREAT again.” Sanusi Credo Mutwa

A new plan for small towns

UBUNTU Plan of Action For Small Towns

As we start planing our campaigning for the 2016 Local Municipal elections in South Africa, I would like to point out to all UBUNTU members that our entire political focuse has shifted to small towns and villages. Where we can make a huge impact by reaching the majority of the people with our message and taking the elite by surprise.

So here is the UBUNTU plan of action for small towns - In a nutshell - Read more.